photo negatives and unedited memories

We rarely develop pictures anymore. I, for one, upload my photos to my computer, edit them, post them to facebook, and that’s the end of that.

One of my friends was recently telling me that eventually they’ll phase out of developing photos at all in places like Walmart and drugstores, and with good reason. I’m sure the demand has gone way down in my lifetime, since technology makes it almost unnecessary to print photos. (But not to fear, because even if you’re the old-fashioned type who likes to hold photos – they have photo-friendly printers and even machines made just for printing photos on the market. Plus the ever-classic photo booths – my favorite!)

But we still have photo negatives, even with all our technology-savviness and brilliant digital cameras. We have the photos that don’t make the cut, don’t make it to facebook, end up in the Recycle Bin on our computer and in our memory. It’s so easy to edit our lives by deleting, erasing, and just never posting the imperfect pictures or experiences.

The new Facebook Timeline seems to reflect this modern evolution of memory control. Fellow blogger Writingthroughthefog said this very well:

“‘Once you get timeline, you’ll have 7 days before anyone else can see it. This gives you a chance to get your timeline looking the way you want before other people see it.’ Right here, in Timeline’s instructions, I’m encouraged to pluck out my flaws and dismiss memories that aren’t life-altering or amazing.”

Yet even the photo negatives have a place. Life doesn’t come at us neatly edited and picture perfect. It’d be neat to see a blog with all the photo negatives, the ones that wouldn’t make the cut, but are still somehow relevant.

In this spirit, I’ll share some photos that don’t really make the cut. They’re not my best, favorite, most flattering – but they’re still part of my life:

(Note: I’m sorry that this post is so late in coming, but I had planned to use different pictures I took recently and then lost my camera. For more on this, refer back to irony.)

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