the distractions we call life

the distractions we call life

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live one day without a single distraction? Peaceful. Relaxing. Productive. Or maybe . . . boring.

It’s been a lengthy fifteen days since my last post. 15! That’s unheard of for me! If you read my earlier treatise on the “best practices” for blogging (now kept readily accessible on the “Ready” page of the site), then you would know that I advised first-time bloggers to be consistent. Specifically, I encouraged them to blog 2-3 times per week. And here I am, a blogging hypocrite. Can it be!?

But, I have a confession of sorts. That is, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed these 15 days. Yes, I’ve been distracted by many things. By writing, laundry, late night talks, last minute errands, unexpected visits, sickness (two-week cold) and health (I’ve been able to celebrate our occasional warm days with outdoor running!), assignments, music, emails, studying, working. My personal  favorite distraction = people.

I used to always begin deep and thought-provoking conversations with my roommate in the middle of her homework sessions. She’d be hunched in her corner, writing an essay about contribution by lamplight, when I’d break in with random comments about life. For this, I apologized. But she responded, “I welcome distractions.” It’s always stuck with me.

And I myself am coming to welcome them even more, because it seems to me that life is a long string of distractions. Perhaps so we can constantly be reevalutating what’s actually necessary. But sometimes the distractions themselves are the necessary, so if we had done what we intended to do, we would have really been distracted from the needed distraction.

I don't look like someone who would be easily distracted, do I? (This photo was taken during a "study session," and that is a blanket on my head.)


Start a blog about the distractions that make up your life. Analyze particular days when what happened was so contrary to what you had planned. Write about all the moments that seem “unplanned.” Write about the times when it seems like you are running late, only to be just in time for something.

possible blog names

  • TheDistractionCalledLife
  • LifeDistracted
  • IWelcomeDistractions

first five minutes, or the morning hypothesis

My Theory, or Hypothesis

I have a theory. No, wait. I have a hypothesis. Okay, I have either a theory or a hypothesis. It’s the very idea behind the old adage about waking up on the wrong side of the bed. If someone were to say, for example, “Peter woke up on the wrong side of the bed,” then we would all know that Peter is in some sort of bad mood and we should avoid him at all costs. Right now, he’s probably treating some nice old ladies with eye-squinting evil acts of incharity or running over squirrels with a tractor. (I get carried away sometimes.) Whatever this grumpy Peter is up to, it isn’t pretty. It’s a bad day for Peter.

(Maybe you never understood the expression “woke up on the wrong side of the bed.” I think this t-shirt graphic explains it all. From TshirtGroove.)

Now I get it.

So the hypothesis – and I do believe it has to be a hypothesis, since there may possibly have been just as many people to have good days after having good mornings as people to have good days after having bad mornings – is that our waking moments determine much about the day to come.


It would be excellent to see a blogger chart the uncharted waters of their first five minutes each day, talking about how they woke up, the first sounds and smells they encountered, their initial thoughts of the day, and then piecing this together with how the rest of the day went consequently.

Possible Blog Names

  • Myfirstfiveminutes
  • Themorninghypothesis
  • Themorningdaysynergy
  • Rightsideofthebed
  • Wakeupandsmell

Personal Note, a P.S. of Sorts to This Blog Entry, Though in the Form of a Letter

Dear readers,

Perhaps you have noticed that I’ve been experimenting with a few things on the blog over the last little while. For example, I’ve strayed a bit from the traditional opening line of, “Someone should start a blog about (insert preposterous idea of my mind’s recent adventures).” I may keep experimenting a bit until the blog reaches the feel I’m going for. Feel free to comment. One feature I’m QUITE excited to introduce is the “Possible Blog Names” section. This should be fun!

I never officially celebrated my three-month anniversary of blogging earlier this month, but it’s true. I’ve been at this for three months! Cheers! So thank you for reading and sticking around. Blog on.