one click (or clip) away from free

My soccermom-ish tendencies, as I like to call them, astound me by the day as I find myself doing things I never thought I would do. Point and case: rambling on and on about the thrill of saving money with coupons.

Coupon clipping isn’t too soccermom-ish, is it?

I like discounts. Even more than discounts, I like free things. If you were asked, “Would you like to get this at a discount, or would you like it for free?” of course you would say, “For free!” Who wouldn’t? It doesn’t get any better than free. (Unless of course the seller decides for some unknown reason to pay you. If you learn how to pull off this bargaining trick, let me in on it.)

All this to say, it’s not that hard to find discounts or, yes, sometimes even freebies by searching online and in magazines, newspapers, etc. I’m still new at it, and saved more than $15 at the grocery store this week alone. Oh, yea. (One free bag of wheat flour? I’ll take it!)

the challenge

Start a blog about your money-saving tactics and excursions. Give insider advice on saving money for just about anything. Review coupon websites, tell us the best coupon magazines to subscribe to, lead us to the best stores. What’s the deal with Groupon? How do you double coupons? Is it worth it to join a library coupon swap group?

possible blog names

  • CouponMe
  • CoupForChicks
  • GreyCoupon (maybe if your last name is Grey, or Mustard)
  • GetYourCoupOn

everyday parables, or the green bag with a hole (part 1)

Someone should start a blog about everyday parables . . .

In the course of my life, I’ve had two significant experiences with hole-y green bags. One could pose the theory that my luck with green bags is pretty bad, and that may be true. I, in fact, have a theory about green water bottles, because every green water bottle I’ve ever possessed has lasted about a week, maybe a  little more, maybe a little less. I lose them or drop them or both. Green water bottles are quite unlucky. Regardless of these traumatic green-item experiences, green continues to be my favorite color.

Holey-Green Bag Experience #1: When I was just a youngster, maybe in the first or second grade, I owned a lime green fanny pack (yes, I grew up in the 90s) with my name magic-markered across the front. It was a handy little thing that my mom bought for me to take on field trips, and I must admit that I believed I was stylin’ with that thing snapped around my waist.

But one day, I was just carrying it around the house, when I decided to count all the money I had (which, as I’m sure you know, for a first or second grader, that is not very much). I was dealing mostly with change. Okay, mostly with pennies to be exact. So there I was, walking down the hallway of our house, and as I counted the coins, I would put them into the fanny pack. Suddenly, I noticed a trail of coins behind me. What luck! I was getting richer by the minute. So I snatched up those newfound coins and put them into my fanny pack as well. And what do you know, I kept finding more coins.

It took a significant amount of time (which I’d like to blame completely on my inexperienced youth, but those who know me well may reveal that I’m still not always that sharp) before I realized that the new money was really old money that was falling out of my fanny pack, which had developed a hole in the bottom of its larger compartment. There I was, thinking I’d struck gold and would soon be the richest eight year old on the block. But, alas, it wasn’t the case.

So, wouldn’t it be cool for someone to start a blog about everyday parables in their lives? If this were my parable, and I had a “moral of the story,” I suppose it’s quite a universal lesson: you can’t hold on to riches (they’ll fall through the holes, or you’ll spend them), and the things you can buy with money don’t last forever (like green fanny packs and water bottles).

My next post will be part two, with my more recent holey-green bag experience. So stay tuned.

On our next episode: my more recent holey-green bag parable.