the signs of insanity (Pacman for breakfast and turkeys in the hallway)

Someone should start a blog about the signs of insanity . . .

Inevitably, it happens every time I’m back at the parents’ house for an extended period of time. It’s because no one’s here! Even though I’m on break, their lives go on like normal. Mom’s at work, the kids are at school, and my stepdad’s asleep or selling cars or both (He can also sleep and drive at the same time – I’m a firsthand witness.).

Insanity kicks in. It’s lessened by degrees when I’m scheduled to work, but still, there are the countless hours of solitude in the house. Why, you ask. I know I can’t be the only one whose friendships back home have all but vanished, but even if I had them, I don’t have the money to go out and do anything. So here I am. At least I have you, readers. Readers? Readers?!? (See, I never had posts this weird when school was in.)

Anyways, I’m probably well-qualified to start a blog about the signs of insanity that creep in and prey on innocent lives. Maybe you go insane under other conditions, but for me, these are the ones. Hey, this might be a great blog for someone going to prison to start. (Wow. How I digress.)

So, if I had to compile my list of signs of insanity from this week, here follows:

  • Talking to myself – This might not seem so bad. In fact, Vygotsky says “egocentric speech” starts at a young age. But what about when you’re laughing at your own jokes? Carrying on long conversations? Asking yourself questions?
  • Running down the hallway and gobbling like a turkey – This did happen.
  • Looking for recognizable characters in my food – Well, I wasn’t really looking for it, but I found Pacman in my breakfast the other day. Please tell me I’m not too crazy.

    You see Pacman in this peach-preserve-covered waffle, don't you?

  • Taking pictures of my breakfast
  • Reading audio equipment instructions for fun – Wait. I’m not that far gone . . . yet.

*I was partly inspired to write this post after visiting a fellow Wordpress blog mindoverMadness, the purpose of which is to showcase “the ramblings of a mad mind.”