example blog: hamsterdiaries

In my recent post “fish [and other adorable pets] are friends,” I advocated starting a blog about your pet. Fellow blogger hamsterdiaries liked the post, and thus I was introduced to the epitome of an amazing blog about a pet, a Syrian hamster to be exact.

Photo credit: Hamsterdiaries

Hamsterdiaries has a great “purpose statement,” if you will, on the “About the Blog” page, and I just had to share what this blogger wrote, in case you need more direction for starting your own pet blog:

As I recently got a new hamster, Dexter, I thought why not share the experience and problems that occur with these pets on this blog and share with other readers and owners!
I know so many little tricks and ideas for troubled owners to try on problem hamsters and wanted a place to share all the information as well as videos and photos!

On this blog I will:

– share pictures, videos and experiences from my own hamsters life.

– share tips on training, care and taming Syrian hamsters

– answer questions or worries from new hamster owners*!

– post new toys/products etc designed for hamsters and let you know if they’re any good!

Photo credit: Hamsterdiaries

Genius! I would have never thought of writing product reviews or sharing tips for training. That’s why I can’t write all the blogs; I need your help. So blog on!

2 thoughts on “example blog: hamsterdiaries

  1. Im beyond flattered with your comments about my blog 🙂
    I, like you, have started many, many, MANY blogs and gotten bored and had better ideas so started up yet another blog, (even once straying into computer game reviews?! But the less said about that one the better!)
    Hamsterdiaries has been my exception – I have this passion for my pets; something not all of my friends understand or value as a “realistic” or socially acceptable hobby. So starting this blog was a way for me to communicate with people who are equally as interested in pets as me (as it cant just be me right?).
    But then thinking on to what would keep people wanting to read and follow my blog I had to include something people could take away from reading it. A cookery blog can give recipes? So why cant a pet blog can give toy reviews and genuine pet advice? 😀

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